Airx Pathogen Compliance Center & BSK Tool w/RX75

Airx Pathogen Compliance Center & BSK Tool w/RX75


  • Everything needed is included in this Airx pathogen Compliance Center and the accompanying Blood Spill Kit.
Manufacturers Item #RX75-KIT

The BSK (blood spill kit) that is included in the Compliance Center is a small but multi-purpose tool for proper cleaning and disinfecting of contaminants. The Compliance Center also contains packets of personal protective gear and of equal importance, a summary of OSHA regulations, required training and procedural data.

The Pathogen Compliance Center Contents

  • See through case with illustrated instructions that even an untrained person can follow for proper clean-up and disinfection of blood and OPIM. Summary of OSHA regulations. Suggested training program. Draft of required company policy regarding cleanup.
  • The Airx Blood Spill and Body Fluid Kit combines a super absorbent powder, a heavy duty cleaner/disinfectant, a spray dispenser and a handy scoop in one convenient unit (assisting in meeting the universal standard of OSHA, the Public Health Service and ot
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